Book Review Programming iOS7, 4th Edition

Matt Neuburg has updated his Programming iOS 7 book to 4th edition, December 2013, ISBNs:


Oreilly often gets the best book for a given programming language and names the book like this: “Programming LanguageName”. Programming Perl, Programming Ruby, Programming Google App Engine are masterpieces that I have enjoyed. When Oreilly puts out a book named “Programming LanguageName”, its bound to be a giant. Matt Neuburg’s book has the right name. It is the best book on Programming iOS. It was not a walk in the park for me. In the end, I did get an app on the App Store, shameful self plug: Deadtapes.

I also had on hand, during learning, and read entirely, before reading Programming iOS 7, these books in this order:

Head First iPhone and iPad Development, 3rd Edition,
iOS 7 Programming Fundamentals,

I read most of the book under review here, Programming iOS 7, after completing those two books.

Unentirely read but also on hand were these books:

iOS 7 Programming Cookbook
Beginning iOS 5 Application Development
ISBN: 978-1-118-14425-1

If you plan on writing an app but are a not-yet-expert, then I believe you’ll need to read iOS 7 Programming Fundamentals first. It is another Neuberg top shelf book. The Head First book is an easier read and is good to read also because you’ll actually exercise the mechanical things like the XCode GUI, the big controllers, the simulators. Learning Objective-C wasn’t too bad for me because I came with C already in my head. Objective-C has become much easier because the memory management code is usually unnecessary. I got a jumpstart with Objective-C by reading Wei-Meng Lee’s very short Appendix C found in Beginning iOS 5 Application Development. I started many years ago with C using the K&R book. The Head First book doesn’t traffic much with Objective-C and instead focuses on design patterns, Cocoa Touch and app construction. It lets you paste in code instead of halting the reader who is not yet ready for difficulties of Objective-C.

The Apple resources and books are often good and you will use them too. I did not use the online Apple books much except as reference. The Oreilly iOS 7 Programming Cookbook was also used not often because the recipes were usually farther along down the road of some API that I had not yet met.

After you spend a few hundred hours with the Head First Book and the two Neuberg books, you will be able to construct a decent ios app. The Apple tools for app construction are like a Cadillac. Its very, very nice when things are working and you’re driving it properly. You will inevitably run into some time consuming and costly and head scratching trouble, like any Cadillac.

The Neuberg books, including Programming iOS 7, 4th edition, won’t be outdone. If another iOS programming book gets created that is better, I expect its author will be Matt Neuburg.

I got the book in exchange for agreeing to read and review. You can review books too. Start at


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